Double Hinge Poppa Cork Popper




  • FEATURES: Integrated Multipurpose Secure and Quick Bottle Opener. Professional Double Hinged Lever and Teflon Coated Worm for Extra Leverage and Smoother Pulling. Built-In Durable Serrated Cutter for a Comfortable Foil Removal. Natural Ebony Wood Handle for Premium Aesthetic and Nice Touch. Anti-Rust 420 Superior Quality Stainless Steel Leaves No Cork Crumbles Behind. BPA Free. Ensure the Success You Deserve.
  • MAKE UNIQUE SUCCESSFUL EVENTS. Superb Finish and Exceptional Tool Benefits. It is Specially Designed for Exclusive Memorable Moments.
  • IMPRESS WITH A DELIGHTFUL DETAILED SERVICE. It’s Sophisticated Design is Perfect for any Celebration. Genuine, Finest and Gleaming, it is the Perfect Gift for “This Person” that Came Across Your Mind.
  • RISK FREE 100% MANUFACTURER GUARANTEED: Customer Satisfaction First; Bartender Soul Elegant Waiters Corkscrew is backed by 30 Days Money Back or Replacement As Well As FREE 7 Years NO-Rust Warranty.
  • AND DISCOVER MORE… Compatible With The Complete Collection, It Can Be Perfectly Used With Any Other Bartender Soul Product. Just Click On the “Bartender Soul” Brand Link Above To Access More Options.


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